The Running Stag

This establishment is a main drinking spot in BerDusk.

Old Dark (ale) and Elder Root (stout) served here. These beers are brewed in the cellar, which
makes the place reek of hops and barley from time to time.

The Stag also serves a full list of wines, sherries, mead, and liqueurs from the far corners of the Realms. The only food to be had, though, is cheese and hot buttered biscuits.
barley from time to time.

Foresters, rangers,woodcutters,wood elves, and other forest folk feel at home here. Even korred and satyrs have been seen in the Stag from time to time, slipping in for a tankard on
wet or icy nights. This is the place in town to hire guides, and it is famous as the site of a duel some 10 years ago between two druids.

The Running Stag

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