The Ready House of the Right Strong Hand

Temple dedicated to Helm in BerDusk.

This holy house of Helm is a large academy of arms, wherein many of the warriors who serve in Berdusk’s gauntlets (patrol units) are trained, as well as temple gates. Revels are evening parties, gatherings to dance, drink, murmur insults or boasts to the nearest
fellow revelers, and to listen. About two of them are held per tenday. Social climbers in Berdusk view these revels as battles of wit, demeanor, and sneering but to the visitor they provide some of the best entertainment anywhere. A fast-paced, varied program of ballads,
recitations of poetry, and orations goes on in various antechambers opening into the main chancel of the temple. This main chancel serves as a dance-and-chat floor during revels.
Most of the poetry recitations are long, rolling, and incomprehensible to all save scholars—in short, bad. Many orations are performances of famous speeches of the past, the texts recreated with the aid of stone tell or legend lore magics

From the outside, the temple resembles the fancy-tale view of a castle. It’s a cluster of very tall, very slender stone towers studded with brattices (wooden parapets), linked
aloft by flying bridges—which must be perilous indeed in icy winter weather or even mere high winds—and topped by high-pointed conical roofs bristling with masts that sport many-hued banners and attract many-hued lightning strikes in stormy weather.

Admission to one of these revels requires a donation of 14 gp to the temple coffers, a noble manner, and expensive clothes—so the entertainment isn’t free, but it is splendid.

The Ready House of the Right Strong Hand

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