The Inner Chamber

Temple to Deneir in BerDusk.

The temple is only one of a complex of interconnected, low stone buildings, all of which are plain but carved to form a series of beautiful sweeping curves. Most visitors need a guide to
point out to them which structure is the temple. Many of the buildings of Twilight Hall have turrets adorned with royal blue, star-shot banners. The temple is not one of those.

Courtyards of trees, grass, moss, and rock garden plantings girdle the buildings, and the whole complex is enclosed by its own low (2 to 4 feet high), undulating stone wall. In times
of attack, magical walls of force augment this ornamental barrier. At night, the gates of Twilight Hall can readily be seen. They’re flanked by two pillars topped with stone eyes that
hold magical everburning candles.

This prosperous temple is visited by many nonworshipers of Deneir. Most are folk with money enough to consult the widely respected High Scrivener, Althune Dembrar, about
the meaning, origin, and effects of images they’ve found or seen. Consultations
with her require a donation to the temple coffers of 50 gold pieces per audience. If magic is involved, the fee doubles.

The Inner Chamber

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