The House of the Hungry Merchant

Inn in BerDusk.

This former shrine to Waukeen offers poor visitors and beggars of the city a warm bed and a meal. The meal is usually thick beef-and-carrot stew, enlivened by anonymous lumps of
chopped meat and vegetables. The House is a big, drafty barn of a place run by merchant donations.

Traders of either sex and most races are allowed to stay here. The House is staffed by the city guard, who keep a close and constant watch on guests to prevent brawls, thefts, muggings, and the like. All weapons must be surrendered to the staff during a visitors stay.

By city law, six nights at a stretch is the longest a person can stay in the House. Guests who are found to have more than 4 gold pieces worth of coins on their persons are ejected
from the House because it is considered that they can afford their own meals and accommodations.

The House of the Hungry Merchant

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