The Dawn of Any Day

This small, shuttered shop in BerDuskseems to front on several streets, including
Lute Street, the Minstrelride, Danathar’s Street, and Amble Lane—all in an area south of Castle Hill and west of Twilight Hall. The distinctive sigil of the shop—the rays of the sun
rising over a harp, which stands atop a lute—appears on otherwise plain wooden doors when they offer access to the shop.

This shop is run by a mysterious veiled lady known only as Dartheene. She sells items that bear
minor enchantments, in particular, musical instruments.

The shop is small and dim, and many of the wares are used and partially broken.

Adventurers can usually count on getting some healing potions and glow-on-command items whenever they visit (400 to 500 gp each), but all other items are only available from time to time.

The shop’s stock seems small. More than one buyer has remarked that these rarer items are not only much dearer (4,000 to about12,000 gp), they all seem linked to various curses, conditions, or spells that plunge their buyers into unintended adventures.

The Dawn of Any Day

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