The Court of Two Brothers

This is a 3 story Tavern and Inn in Greenest.

It is named after it’s original owners, two brothers named Otho Hogbollow and Erva Hogbollow who outfitted many of Greenest high society woemn in formal gowns, lace and perfume. Currently the inn is run by their great nice Emma Hogbollow.

This is the best accommodations in Greenest and only the wealthy can afford to eat or drink here.

The Court of Two Brothers has a larger courtyard than any building in Greenest, at one time this was used for a fashion show, now it is where the Tavern sits. Guest of the inn can sit on their balcony and watch the comings and goings in the Tavern.

The Court of Two Brothers has become a meeting point for the finest and most influential of Greenest citizens and townsfolk in the evenings and is a stop over for wealthy merchants traveling the trade route.

If you are looking for Wealthy accommodations or a place to spend coin, you have found it.

The Court of Two Brothers

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