Phontyrs Unicorn

This famous inn in Elturel is named for the ally, lifelong friend, and possible love of the long-dead mage Phontyr Wonderspell—a glowing unicorn whose hooves never touch the ground.

Phontyr’s Unicorn is a splendid establishment of deep green carpets, ferns in hanging baskets, dim lighting from strategically placed glowing globes,and curtained, canopied beds. The
inn’s adornments celebrate the famous unicorn in many carvings,painted shields, and tapestries.

The inn has a wine cellar as good as any to be found along the The Sword Coast, several lounges and meeting rooms for the use of guests, and a fine dining room.
Dry white house wine, sliced cheese, and salted biscuits are always at hand on trays everywhere about, free for the taking.

Rooms are spacious, draft free, and quiet thanks to the tapestries that hang everywhere.

Rooms are 16 gp a head per night. Stabling is 2 gp extra. Eveningfeast costs another 1 gp. This includes a delightful bottle of the house wine. More wine costs 6 gp or more per bottle.

Phontyrs Unicorn

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