Gallowgars Inn

This ramshackle, well-worn inn sprawls in all directions in the midst
of Elturel‘s dockside stockyards, looking just like the spider web of clumsily
linked buildings that it is. Well known for its affable host, Guldin Gallowgar, it’s also known as the Manure Pile to folk of delicate noses who’ve had to stay there in hot summer weather.

It’s warm and dimly lit inside, even cozy—but the furnishings are simple, the fare even more so, and the stench of well-rotted cow dung permeates everything.

Mead is 1 sp per flagon, and ale is 6 cp per tankard. All platters and stew bowls are 5 gp, but this includes two tallglasses or tankards. Rooms are 4 to 10 gp per night, varying by size and
location. Most are 6 gp. They include hot baths and stabling.

Modest accommodations at best.

Gallowgars Inn

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