This city is the farming center of the Fields of the Dead, and its Hellriders guard and police not only Elturel, but much of the farmed and settled portions of the Fields along the Skuldask Road, the Dusk Road, and both banks of the River Chionthar. The long patrols of the Hellriders, 30 riders strong, pass along the roads every four hours, night and day.

Elturel thrives on trade both by wagon and by boat.

Elturel is ruled wisely and well by High Rider Lord Dhelt, a paladin of Helm who is ever-vigilant when it comes to the defense of his city, and to lawless elements who might skulk in to do business in it. A just, no-nonsense ruler who leads patrols on the road as often as any of his war captains, Dhelt keeps the city a clean, law-abiding place.

Travelers can rejoice in the safety of Elturel’s reach, which extends as far as Triel along the Dusk Road, as far as the intersection with Thundar’s Ride along the Skuldask Road to the north, as far as Scornubel along the Chionthar upstream, as far south toward Berdusk
as Windstream Lodge (one of the Hellrider lodges), and as far downstream along the Chionthar as Stone Eagle Lodge (another Hellrider lodge). It;s easy to tell these boundaries. Sheep and cattle wander on all sides when you’re inside them, and brush is cut back, with
hedged and stone-walled farms here and there. Outside Elturel’s sway, farms and livestock are gone, and scrub trees and shrubs are everywhere.

Landmarks and Places of Interest


Gallowgars Inn
Phontyrs Unicorn


The Bent Helm
A Pair of Black Antlers


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