A Pair of Black Antlers

This tavern stands on the west side of of Maidensbridge Street, just south of where it swings westward to cross the bridge it is named for and run around the northern end of the central
heights of the city to link up with Westerly. Outside of Elturel, A Pair of Black Antlers is the best known of Elturel’s taverns because itÂ’s the gathering
place for those who seek adventure. Old, retired warriors, young and bright-eyed would-bes, and weary adventurers alike all come here.

No adventurer’s visit to Elturel is complete without a stop at the Antlers. Many adventures have begun in its taproom—and many more likely will.

The Antlers is the place to hear gossip about adventuring, join a band, hire swordswingers for a plan of your own, or get hired to carry out another dreamer’s plan.

Ale is 3 cp per tankard (large, battered pewter reservoirs) or 7 cp per hand keg, stout is 5 cp per tankard, and wine starts at 6 cp per tallglass and rises to 9 cp a glass for the best vintages. Sherries, zzar, and brandies are all 1 sp per tallglass. Elverquisst, the most expensive drink in the house, is 4 gp per tallglass. All servings of provender are 6 cp a
plate, which provides a light meal.

A Pair of Black Antlers

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