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Greenest in flames

The Claw of Storms Day one 2nd Tenday

Rinor’s Log: Greenest

I am keeping this log of events as the others in my present party seem to have neither the ability nor the inclination to chronicle this quest.

I tracked the cultist scum to the trade town of Greenest; there is still no sign of Talis, my sister, taken by this vile evil, but I remain hopeful. By my best estimate, there are about 80 of them. I have only 40 arrows with me, but I do have my sword. I also noticed other tracks in profusion, hard to count, that resemble large lizards, probably Kobolds.

As I entered the town and sought a vantage point, sounds of battle began to erupt around me. I noticed a large, dragon scaled figure that seemed familiar to me from stories I have heard coming from an inn with a family, but as none of them were wearing the robes of the cult, I moved on. I then heard a shout of rally, a call for assistance, so I moved in that direction. There in the square, two Dwarves were engaged in battle with cultists and what appeared to be some type of mercenaries. Nearest me was a mage who seemed to be trying to charm the Dwarves, so I dispatched him with my bow. As I moved to assist, I noticed a hooded figure shooting darts and trying to mumble magic, noting he was not wearing the robes of the cult, I ignored him. With him were a number of fair maidens in distress. Now killing cultists is my calling but pretty girls in need of assistance, that makes a good combination. I placed myself in position to defend them and joined the fight.

The Dwarves fought well, and soon the Dragon warrior joined in as he moved the family he was guarding to safety. Together, we dispatched this group of the cult and a large number of Kobolds who seemed to be fighting with the cultists. As we moved the villagers to the safety of town fort, some screamed and pointed to the sky. A large dragon was making slow passes over the town. The Dragon warrior, after careful study of the beast, shouted, “ignore the dragon, it is not aggressive and is no threat at present”. Once in the fort, we were approached by a Hill Dwarf who identified himself asCastellan Escorbert the Red. He asked for our assistance to defend the town and rescue some trapped citizens. As any opportunity to kill cultists is fine by me, I accepted as did the others.

Now may be a good time to introduce those I am currently banned with. I did recognize the name Jaehaerys Bronze Dragon, when the Dragon warrior gave it, as those who may have fought with or had dealings with the cult of the dragon are of special interest to me. Jaehaerys seems to be on the right side of that ledger. The two Dwarves are Dulgar and Tulchik and both appear to have some military background. Tulchik wears some kind of religious robe while Dulgar seems more interested in gold and seems baseless in nature. Being Dwarves, they will bear watching. The other member of our new band is Theron, a Half-Elf like myself but there the similarities end. His Ch’i is weak and he appears to be more suited to a life indoors. I will have to watch over him as he is of my brethren. Theron does claim sorceress skills, so he may be of some limited use.

To summarize, we defended the town throughout the night and killed a number of cultists and mercenaries (22), of which I accounted for 7, and large number of Kobolds (25) of which I got my share, but I did not bother to count as they are of little interest to me. All fought well and even Theron managed to control whatever power it is that he channels, he was particularly good at offing Kobolds. The cultists had two small Drakes with them. Tulchik landed the killing blow on one after I weakened it for him and Jaehaerys requested single combat against the other. I covered him while he dispatched it. I should also mention Dulgar, he is fearless in battle and does not hesitate even if he is somewhat unskilled.

In our final fight of the night we captured two mercenaries, whom Tulchik insisted we question. I allowed them to live, as they were not wearing the robes of the cult. I am hopeful that Tulchik’s religious views do not become a bothersome weakness. My view is most gods are a useless bother. I grew up in a house that prayed to Corellon Larethian and what good did that do. He stood by while the cult of the dragon slayed my father and took my mother. If he is of use, he needs to prove it to me. But I digress. The mercenaries did provide some valuable information to us. The cult has a base some distance to the south where there may be some dragon’s eggs. The base is home to both cultists and a tribe of Kobolds. The eggs are reported to be in an upper camp, the cultists in the middle, and the Kobolds in a lower camp. One of the leaders of the cult is a purple robed, female human called Frulam Mondath. There is another leader there, a half human-half dragon female called Rezmir who hired the mercenaries who assisted in the attack on Greenest.

Our final encounter occurred after we had saved the village and escorted all to safety. A Blue Dragon warrior and a large number of cultists appeared outside the town fort and the Dragon warrior began to hurl insults at us in Draconic. These slurs were primarily directed at Jaehaerys and challenged his Dragon-hood. As I have studied the vowel-less throat crackings that were being spewed forth, I understood him to challenge Jaehaerys to meet him in single combat or the Dragon warrior would kill some village children he had captured. To my somewhat surprise, Theron nodded to me that he also understood. I will have to protect him but he may be more useful than first appearances indicate. Jaehaerys quickly accepted and I offered to act as his second. The combat, if one could call it that, lasted only the time it took for the Dragon warrior to fell Jaehaerys. But good to his word, he released the children. He then announced his name as Langdedroas Cyanwrath, a half Blue Dragon warrior in service of the Cult of the Dragon and stated all who opposed him would die. With that he and the other cultists left.

Tulchik came up and began to chant over the body of Jaehaerys and to my surprise, managed to revive him. Maybe some of the Dwarf gods are more helpful than my experience would indicate. As for Jaehaerys, despite his obvious good intentions, he may be a bit rash in nature. This will be watching, least he bring the others around him into danger.

The Governor of the town of Greenest gave us two healing potions in appreciation of efforts. I think one of these should be in possession of Theron as he is likely to need it, but Tulchik presently has them both. Governor Tarbaw Nighthill then offered us 250 gold pieces each for our services if we would scout and located the base of the cultists. Since I fully intended to do this anyway, gold or not, I accepted his offer, as did the others. We will set out to track them on the morrow after some rest.

These are my companions for now as I seek Talis, and vengeance.



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