A Dwarven Cleric


I am Tulchik from Clan Beargon from the Dragon Coast.

am the seventh son of the seventh son of Dulchik and the 49th in line to lead our clan.

I have served 3 uneventful tours in the Home Guard. I quite enjoyed the military life, although I didn’t get to see any significant action. It was during this time that I was noticed by the local priests of Moradin. After my required stint in the military, I applied for a career position, but those are hard to come by. I was contacted about a test by the priests of Moradin. It was actually quite exciting and dangerous. I did rather well and was assigned a traveling position with the order

I have gone to Greenest to drop off some scrolls and other ancient texts to interested parties. With my mission complete, my main goal is to quench my thirst and get a good meal.



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