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I will try to keep the number of tags as small as possible, this will allow you to quickly go over what you need prior to our game session. Same as I did last campaign.

Currently I will group into the following sections below.

Events: You need to read this before every session. This lets you know what is happening pertaining to your group.

Locations: This will be information on the world, read this at your leisure to ensure you understand the background of where you are.

NPCS: This will be people of significance that you meet.

Group: This will include Clans, Militias and the like, both Friendly and unfriendly.

Gnolls believed to have come from the Sunset Mountains has been raiding the trade route.

The Sword Coast

Governor Tarbaw Nighthill
Castellan Escorbert the Red

The Cult of the Dragon has recently become more active.

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