A Dragonborn Paladin


I am Jaehaerys, Brass Dragonborn Paladin of Tymora, Goddess of Good Fortune.
I am a Folk Hero to the survivors of Syfell, a small village in the Sunset Mountains I happened on in my travels. While there, they were terrorized by agents of the great red dragon Imvaenarho. I fought alongside the villagers and helped them drive the attackers off. I lived with them a while and they even erected a statue to me in the market center. Some time after I left the village for work in the wilds, I learned from a survivor that Imvaenarho had visited the village in person and burned it to ash. Few escaped.

I will swear a formal oath of vengeance when my High Priestess deems me worthy.

My church has helped to relocate the survivors throughout the lands in secret, as Imvaenarho has made a sport of hunting them down to discourage others from standing up to his minions. I check on these folk as I can. One of these is a pretty lass whom I dare not to love for the danger it would bring her. There is also an old alchemist, who has helped me in my quest to understand the secrets of the fire I breathe.

My statue remains in the ruins of Syfell, broken and charred, a reminder of my failure to protect them.

My role model is a legendary Brass Dragonborn Paladin named Koronthar. I will follow his ways and master the great sword.

I wear chain, carry a great sword, have a pair of skull dice as my trinket which I use to decide the fate of the wicked. I am athletic and intimidating, can drive horse-drawn vehicles and mess around with alchemy – though I am mostly a danger to others at this point. I can sense evil and heal the harmed. I am easily bored…

I can breathe fire, but save it for when I am really angry as it hurts my throat.

“I protect the weak. The strong are on their own.”

“Death to Tyrants!”
“By Koronthar’s blade, you shall be avenged!”


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