Dulgar of the North

Dwarven Fighter


Comes from Icewind Dale and has spent the majority of his life until a few months ago as a solider in the Dwarven army. Both his father and grandfather where Dragon Slayer’s of much renown. Unfortunately, Dulgar was actually a blacksmith in the army. Although he is skilled at creating and fixing weapons, he has always longed for the glory of his father and grandfather. But alas he also longs for Gold and a skilled Blacksmith is always needed.

He ended his service a few months ago and had plans to open his own Blacksmith shop. He traveled south as he had grown tired of the cold weather. Being the kin of a Dragon Slayer is normally a good way to impress people, but in the town of Beregost a gang of ruffians attacked him. He barely escaped with his life. As you fled the ruffians yelled at him “ the Cult of the Dragons never forgets and always avenges”.

Dulgar is hoping to lie low in the little town of Greenest until this blows over.

Dulgar of the North

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