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This is the main campaign page and I will post quick updates on it.

For those wishing to review prior to the session. The dashboard will provide a quick view of the adventure log. And the link below to the main wiki page will contain links to information needed during the next session.

Welcome to the Forgotten Realms. The story is yours, write it.

On first episode will begin in the city of Greenest which in on the The Sword Coast.

Some of you are trying to hide out in Greenest, others are looking for answers. Most likely nothing will happen and we will drink beer and be merry all night.
“insert plot lines here after review of back stories”

Two notable things have happened recently in the area. Gnolls believed to be from the Sunset Mountains have been raiding along the trade routes more than usual and the Cult of the Dragon is rumored to be active way up north.

Link to Skippy’s Campaign Page

Thanks to Razzelmire for the awesome you tube video I looted :)!!!!

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